CA Technologies has announced that the CA Data Protection End-of-Life is effective June 30, 2019. This leaves a number of current Orchestria, DataMinder, and Data Protection customers who heavily rely on the product, as their Compliance and DLP system, in a difficult position and under stressed time constraints.

The Technically Creative CA Data Protection EOL Premium Support Program was constructed to provide support to these customers until their new surveillance solution is up and running, extensively tested, and policies properly converted.


Technically Creative is a certified CA Technologies developer and support partner. Our team of engineers have 14+ years of hands-on expert knowledge of Orchestria / DataMinder / CA Data Protection product.

Industry-Leading Data Protection customer support. Through exclusive focus on the CA Data Protection product and support that’s delivered directly from TC Experts. Resolve Software Issues Quickly with 24×7 access to TC Technical Assistance Portal.

Provide greater knowledge and productivity to your IT staff with Expert Support

Security to protect your vital business interests and Data and Application availability to maintain critical compliance business functions

Minimize business disruption through rapid resolution and proactive service tools with continued support past EOL.


TC Technical Assistance Team can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist by telephone, or online tools with Application Software use and troubleshooting issues. TC will respond to Premium Support customers within 1 hour for Severity 1 and 2 calls received. For Severity 3 and 4 calls, TC will respond within 8 hours.

Work-around solutions or patches to reported Application Software problems using reasonable commercial efforts for on premises Software.

Configuration Support to provide advice and process guidance for maintaining consistency of the Application Software performance in the Customer’s IT environment.

Designated Service Management of the covered products by a technical subject matter expert during local business hours

The Designated Service Manager provides incident management, change management and escalation management. The Service Manager also facilitates and expedites resolution for severity 1 and 2 cases based on Customer specific use cases.

The Service Manager assists in problem management by providing technical consultation for any work around or appropriate corrective action based on any available root cause analysis.

Proactive Support under Designated Service Management which utilizes Customer information, such as Customer’s Environment, software configuration, operation workflows, and IT and Infosec adoption plan to provide the following:

  • Technical consultation for any operational safeguards against known issues and changes that may affect operations and availability of the Application Software.
  • Consultation for planned product changes that may affect availability of Application Software or its feature set.


The following table outlines the objectives that Technically Creative strives to achieve in response to submitted cases based on their case severity. In some cases, the assigned cases severity may be adjusted to align with the Software Support Severity Guidelines.  Have questions about the Support Severity Guidelines? Contact Us.

Support Package Support Coverage Response Time Objective for Case Severity 1 or 2 Response Time Objective for Case Severity 3 or 4
Premium Unlimited Tickets

10% discount on all Add-ons services

Phone support Monday through Friday, 8AM – 6PM Eastern time & 24x7 via Email/Web Portal
Response within 1 hour Response within 8 hours
Enhanced 10 Tickets per month

24x7 via Email/Web Portal
Response within 2 hours Response within next Business Day


The Technically Creative team will provide complete operational support, extended product support and management of your system.

Effectively turning your CA Data Protection environment into a SAAS. This includes any task or skillset needed to run your environment efficiently and support your business needs for extraction, evidencing and operational functions. Extending policies, ad-hoc reporting, and operational evidencing are all covered and available on-demand.

Reports are essential for the Compliance officers, and managers to effectively evaluate their business operations, review completeness/timeliness and provide vital information during an audit inquiry. Reports allow users to easily see reviewer performance and verify that reviewing targets are met. They provide confirmation that all required personal is under adequate supervision. They can also log hit rates for individual policies to help identify which policies have seen an increase in activity.

Technically Creative is uniquely qualified to support and maintain your historical data to meet legacy retention and proof of supervision requirements long after the system goes end of life. Technically Creative can provide you with a static form of your supervision system in a compliant WORM storage solution where you can generate reports, access data or create exports for regulators.

The Technically Creative Team will be responsible for the day to day tasks associated with Policy refinement based on your firm’s direction. Within the refinement cycle, you will receive reports on all changes and recommendations on policy changes and impacts as evidence for your release. Should a matter arise, with a demand for evidence of effective policy management, these records will provide sufficient evidence as proof of proper policy management. In addition, given our activity throughout the industry, we can provide advisement on policy enhancements based on industry and peer activity.

Development support tasks are often needed to accomplish or resolve an issue within the supervision process. The Technically Creative Compliance Assistance Program (TC CAP) provides development resources to complete these tasks. Development support includes converting data to be supervised, creating monitoring processes, creating audit and review workflows, and developing custom reports.

Matters that occur in your firm can be explored and analyzed by one of our Supervision Specialist to provide insight into changes and enhancements. This includes discovery into the current supervision process and coverage to identify gaps through previous incidents. You Supervision Specialist can also document evidence of proper supervision that can be provided to the regulators.

When evaluating the decision to move solutions or trying to find your potential vendor options, Technically Creative is uniquely qualified to provide full end to end process testing, evaluation and help you provide a short list of potential vendors. Given our expertise in the area, historical sample data and our knowledge of the solutions on the market, we can assist from start to finish related to selecting a vendor and migrating your historical data, policies, processes or rules to the new platform.

As CA brings its Data Protection (formerly Orchestria) product to end-of-life, it naturally raises questions among customers. Are you ready? The Technically Creative team has over 12 years of experience with the Orchestria / DataMinder / CA Data Protection product. Our goal is to provide information, support, and custom solution options to CA Data Protection customers during their EOL transition. Our Support Options include:

To operate an effective supervision process you must maintain and progress your supervision policies and scope based on current firm activity and regulatory changes. Under the Technically Creative Compliance Assistance Program (TC CAP) we work with you to define and create targeted policies on current or past matters. Emphasis is placed on Policy accuracy that results in a low volume of hits to minimize reviewer impact. Support for CA DLP and your new Supervision platform are available.

Over the years, Technically Creative has created their own agents to provide control or translation capabilities in various platforms. These agents are now available independent of the CA DLP platform for use. From the Transport Agent which provides control, warning and quarantine capabilities to the miniature IDM solutions for identity management/synchronization between platforms, all of TC’s agents are now available for use in other systems.

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